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2016 Hatch
Black shoulder         $150.00 pairBlack shoulder white eyed     $200.00 pairBlack shoulder silver pied hens  $150.00 each

Buford Bronze males    $150.00 each

Buford Bronze black shoulder  $300.00 pair

Buford Bronze Siepel black shoulder $400.00 pair

Buford Bronze BS white eyed  $1,250.00 pair

Buford Bronze BS silver pied $1,500.00 pair

Buford Bronze white eyed    $400.00 pair

Buford Bronze silver pied hens $500.00 each

Cameo silver pied    $500.00 pair

India blue males  $75.00 each

Green, Muticus-Muticus (Java) $800.00 pair

Green, Muticus-Muticus (Java) hens  $400.00 each

Peach  $500.00 pair

Peach white eyed    $600.00 pair

Peach silver pied   $800.00 pair

Siepel black shoulder  $250.00 pair

Spalding IB silver pied dark pied $300.00 pair

White    $125.00 each

2015 Hatch

Black shoulder white eyed   $250.00 pair

Buford Bronze    $300.00 pair

Buford Bronze black shoulder  $400.00 pair

Buford Bronze white eyed split BS males    $400.00 each

Buford Bronze white eyed split BS $600.00 pair

India blue white eyed   $250.00 pair

Peach white eyed  $800.00 pair

Peach white eyed hens  $400.00 each

Peach silver pied pair $1,000.00 pair

Siepel black shoulder  $350.00 pair
Black shoulder  $250.00 pair

Black shoulder split Bronze & silver pied F    $250.00 each

Black shoulder white eyed  $400.00 pair

Black shoulder white eyed split Bronze F    $350.00 each

Buford Bronze male split to white eye    $300.00 each

Buford Bronze black shoulder male        $400.00 each

Buford Bronze white eyed split BS  M    $400.00 each

India blue  $250.00 pair

India blue white eyed  $350.00 pair

Spalding India blue silver pied        $800.00 pair

White males   $300.00 each

Other birds for sale

2016 Rhea chicks  $500.00 pair

2016 Temmnick’s Tragopan pairs            $300.00 pair

Taxidermy birds for sale

Breeder Grey Peacock pheasant male            $250.00 each

Peacock Feathers for sale

India blue  $0.75 each

White    $2.00 each

Silver pied   $1.25 each

Bronze     $1.00 each

Bronze white eye  $1.50 each

Midnight   $1.00 each

Purple      $0.75 each

Opal         $1.00 each

Cameo white eyed   $1.25 each

Java Green    $1.00 each

The pricing shown is for eyes, swords or guards, and butterfly feathers.

All birds listed above are out of our N.P.I.P. certified flock #32-276.

Our flock has also been tested and found free of Avian Influenza,

Mycoplasma gallisepticum and M. synoviae.

Birds are shipped via Express Mail through the U.S. post office.

PayPal payments are accepted.

Craig & Lisa Hopkins
Hopkins’ Alternative Livestock
1479 N. Washington Rd.
Greens Fork, IN 47345-9771
Website: Facebook:  Hopkins Livestock
Phone: 765-886-5560 between 8:00 pm and 10:00 pm EDT


For sale or taking orders for 2016 hatchlings
White $35.00 each
Pied $30.00
Silver Pied $40.00
Black Shoulder $28.00

Arthur & Gloria Gunnels
13422 McCumsey Rd.
Clio, MI 48420
Phone 810-686-4576

Breeders and Hatchlings

India Blue, Black Shoulder, White, Pied available now
2015 hatch – adult breeders
2015 hatch birds start at $50 for India Blue or Black Shoulder
2015 Blue or Black Shoulder Males 3 for $120 while supply lasts
2015 White or Pied birds $100 each (3 males $250 while surplus supply lasts)
Adult Blue or Black Shoulder birds are $275 for a pair.
Adult whites or pieds are $400 a pair
Cameo, Peach, Bronze, Bronze Pied, Opal – Taking orders for 2016
Prices subject to change as the birds mature.
Subject to availability.
Loretta Smith
Please call 740-935-6556


2012 pairs of white breeders 400.00 pair.
2013 IB silver pied males 300 a piece.
Buford bronze hens 2012 breeders $275 a piece
I am NPIP AI clean shipping is extra please call Linda at 609-462-3022 or email my website

For Sale

Peacocks, Peahens and Peachicks. India Blue, White, Silver Pied, Pied & Spalding. Not all available at all times. Prices start at $40 for India Blue chicks and go up depending on age and color. Must be picked up about 30 miles north of San Antonio in Texas Hill Country. I do not ship, nor do I text.
Please email: or call 210 748 0511. Thanks much!

Peachicks for SALE- 2017(straight run)

India blue $25
Blue white eye $30
Cameo $40
Blue pied $30
Silver pied $35
Black shoulder/silver pied $40

Erdman Game Farm
429 Erdmans Farm Rd
Herndon, PA 17830
Will ship priority mail if you live close to PA.
NPIP 23-357

2016 pea chicks for sale

We have the following varieties available:
White with at least (1) white eye gene
Emerald Spaldings
IB Silverpieds
IB black shoulder silverpieds
IB Dark Pied
Spalding pieds
Chicks start at $60 and up depending on colors and patterns
Contact us at “”
See our birds on Facebook, search “Peacock Queens”


2016-Whites, Black Shoulder, Pied, Burmese Javas, Muticus-Muticus Javas and Indian Blue.
Adult White hen
Yellows, Red Golden and one adult Impeyan hen
Please call for prices. Shipping available on request.
Mario Johnson