Recently a female peacock of ours died. Now the male is acting very weak and is not eating or drinking much. A possible reason I’m not sure if it would have effect or not but they had eaten their food that had gotten wet and may have had feces in it (I believe the disease to be called Hemorrhagic Enteritis). It may have some how turned the food poisonous to them? Then just today another female peacock of ours died! And the male seems to be in pretty bad shape so if you have any suggestions or possible solutions they would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks so Much, Heidi



Dear Heidi:

The brief description of your peafowl health situation sounds like a coliform septicemia called “Colibacillosis” usually caused by E. coli bacteria. E. coli is a gram negative intestinal bacteria; therefore, medications must be effective against Gram negatives. These include Baytril (treatment of choice) dose 50 ppm in drinking water for 3 to 4 days maximum. Other treatments (not as effective as Baytril) are Tetracycline — 800 mg/gal/S days. Neomycin–follow label instructions. Streptomycin and Spectinomycin–follow label directions. Birds can be dosed individually by tablet if drug is available in that form. Check with your local veterinarian for Baytril especially and any of the other drugs listed here. Tramisol, a wormer, should NOT be used on sick birds. In your case, the condition is a bacterial Septicemia (infection in the blood).

Sincerely, Dr. Schwartz

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