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Last year I had written because our only female had 5 chicks – they are fine and healthy. Well – a few days  ago the oldest female hatched out a peachick – only one and all the other birds act like they’re going to hurt the chick – and the mother gets nervous, chases them off, tries to eat some corn, and chases them off,  clucks a lot, and tries to get her baby to go under her. My husband and I separated the mother and baby  from all the rest, now I’m worried that when we let them go back together, the other birds will hurt the baby.  Do they kill peachicks or are they just being curious? Boy! We’ve learned so much about these birds but we  sure don’t want to lose a baby by being ignorant. H E L P!! The mother has also ignored the rest of her eggs – should we just take them out of the nest? Thanks for any help you can pass along!!

Carole A.



Carole, I was forwarded your questions concerning your peafowl chicks. This response is to some of your  questions and concerns. After a chick is a few weeks old, release hen and chick with flock. Watch to see  that both are accepted. Do what is necessary to protect both. Perhaps a daily release, extending the time  each day until both are accepted. The question about removing eggs from the nest: Remove the eggs from  the nest. Incubate and after two weeks candle to see if they are infertile (clear) or embryo is alive.

Dr. Schwartz


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