Peafowl Nesting Boxes
Two different types of boxes for your peahens’ eggs.

Heated Roost for Peafowl
How to build a heated roost with list of materials for construction.

Strings, Hog Rings, and Other Dangerous Things by Richard Liipfert



Natural or Artificial Hatching – Which Works Best?
An extensive write-up by Marion Smith on the pros and cons of both incubation methods.

•Q & A: New Chick in the Flock
Question concerning the introduction of a new chick into a flock. Answer by Dr. Dwight Schwartz, DVM

Hatching Time
An overview of what can go wrong during incubation and how to prevent it.

Artificial Incubation of Peafowl Eggs
Great tips and information for those who artificially incubate peafowl eggs.

Peachick Orthopedics
An informative write-up on peachick orthopedics for beginners. This information is crucial and can likely
spare a peachick from a miserable end.



Keeping Peafowl – Do’s & Don’t
Basic & brief overview of several important points pertaining to peafowl care.

Peafowl – Family Phasianidae
A general write-up on peafowl and how to care for them. Are you trying to find information for a school report? Start

Marketing Your Peafowl
Tips on selling your peafowl by Mike Beahm.

History of Peafowl in Captivity
A briefing on the domestication history of peafowl by Marion Smith, the original publisher of the Peacock Journal.

A Bird With a Strange Tale or Tail???
A white male with an Unusual Tail.

How I Do It by Robbie McCrory

Create Free Roaming Peafowl by Len Wheatley

Excelerite Article by Danny Potentate



A video demonstrating how to remove a sinus infection from around a peafowls eye.

Peter Piper Peacock’s Sinus infection

A video about how to take care of sinus swelling for peafowl.

Oral Medication Dosing of Peafowl
An article by Craig Hopkins to aid in giving medications to your peafowl.

More on Worming and Disease
A valuable write up by Ted Golka concerning capillary worms and treatments.

Feeding Exotic and Other Game Birds
By C.J. Flegal, Department of Animal Science – Michigan State University.

Captive Bird Diets Vs. Wild Bird Diets
An important read for those attempting to simulate wild diets for their captive peafowl.

Q&A: Peachick Leg Problems
Too much protein in chick feed can lead to leg malformations.

Q&A: Rare Swelling Condition
An extremely rare condition which causes general balloon-type swelling appears easy to correct.

How I Prepare for Winter
Tips for ‘winterizing’ your flock by Mike Johns of Rock-N-Cedar Exotic Fowl.

Infectious Coryza
Technical information about this potentially devastating respiratory disease by Dr. Dwight Schwartz, DVM

Q&A: Weak and not Eating
An adult bird that is weak and not eating or drinking. Possible food contamination. Answer by Dr. Dwight Schwartz,

Q&A: Gray Mouth
A peachick with a gray mouth? Answer by Dr. Dwight Schwartz, DVM.

Diseases of Peafowl
A technical summary which covers diseases and other health problems faced by peafowl enthusiasts
authored by our avian consultant, Dr. Dwight Schwartz.

Nomenclature of a peacock